Welcome to the UNESA Secondhand Bookshop.

The Second Hand Bookshop, which is affiliated with the UNE Student Association, has serviced the students and academics of UNE and the general public for over 50 years. We have been on campus for longer than any other text book business and pride ourselves on our service to students and lecturers.  We are situated in the Union Arcade, just south of the Northern Car Park and just above the top courtyard.

And remember….

  • We provide reduced postage rates on orders to customers who provide us with their current UNE student number.
  • We pay direct into your bank account or by cheque if required.
  • Dependent on the condition and how current your books are, when they sell you can receive up to 50% of their original value.
  • Because we sell on commission if you discover you still need your book and it has not sold we can give it back to you. (this may not be immediately if we are in one of our peak selling periods but we are here to help students and will do our best)
  • We accept your books in store or through the post.
  • You do not need to be a current student to sell or purchase books through us.
  • You are supporting your Student Association